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Timun Mas

One night, while they were praying, Buto Ijo a giant with supranatural powers passed their house. He heard they pray. "Don't worry farmers. I can give you a child. But you have to give me that child when she is 17 years old," said Buto Ijo. The farmers were so happy. They did not think about the risk of losing their child letter and agree to take the offer. Later, Buto Ijo gave them a bunch of cucumber seeds. The farmers planted them carefully. Then the seeds changed into plants. No longer after that, a big golden cucumber grew from plants. After it had ripe, the farmers picked and cut it. They were very surprised to see beautiful girl inside the cucumber. They named her Timun Mas or Golden Cucumber.
Years passed by and Timun Mas has changed into a beautiful girl. On her 17th birthday, Timun Mas was very happy.
However, the parents were very sad. They knew they had to keep their promise to Buto Ijo the giant but they also did not want to lose their beloved daughter. "My daughter, take this bag. It can save you from the giant," said father. "What do you mean, Father? I don't understand," said Timun Mas.
Right after that, Buto Ijo came into their house. "Run Timun Mas. Save your life!" said the mother. Buto ijo was angry. He knew the farmers wanted to break their promise. He chased Timun Mas away. Buto Ijo was getting closer and closer. Timun Mas then opened the bag and threw a handful of salt. It became sea. Buto Ijo had to swim to cross the sea. Later, Timun Mas threw some chilly. It became a jungle with trees. The trees had sharp thorns so they hurt Buto Ijo. However, he was still able to chase Timun Mas. Timun Mas took her third magic stuff. It was cucumber seeds. She threw them and became cucumber field. But Buto Ijo still could escape from the field. Then it was the last magic stuff she had in the bag. It was a shrimp paste or terasi. She threw it and became a big swamp. Buto Ijo was still trying to swim the swamp but he was very tired. Then he was drowning and died.
Timun Mas then immediately went home. The farmers were so happy that they finally together again.                                   
                                                                                                                            (Story from central java)

Fill the true of the text above !
1.what is the text  about?
   a. Naratif
   b. Deskriptif
   c. Persuasif
   d. Long story
    e. Fabel
2.what tenses is mostly used in the story?
  a. Present  tense
  b. Past tense
   c. past continous tense
   d. Past perfect tense
   e. Past future tense
3.who were the participant in the story?
    a. Farmers
    b. Farmers , buto ijo, and timun mas
    c. Timun mas
    d. Buto ijo
    e. Children and parents
4.does the story have or sad ending?
    a. Sad ending
    b. Happy ending
    c. Boring ending
    d. Crying ending
    e. sad and happy ending

5.why did Timun Mas tasked bag?
   a. Because she confused
   b. Because for  take care hers from buto ijo
   c. Because buto ijo very big
   d. Because she was  17 years old
   e. Because she very scared with buto ijo
6.when did buto ijo asked Timun Mas?
    a. 17 years old
    b. 18 years old
    c. 19 years old
    d. 20 years old
    e. 15 years old
7.where did buto ijo dead?
    a. Field
    b. Big swamp
    c. Cucumber field
    d. Sea
    e. Timun Mas home
8.what did threw  Timun Mas  until became a big swamp?
    a. Shrimp paste or terasi
    b. Cucumber
    c. Salt
    d. Sugar
    e. Cucumber  tree

9.where did the story happen?
  a.  Central java
  b. west  Sumatra
  c. Sumatra
  d. west  java
   e. west Kalimantan
10. what is find in the bag Timum Mas?
   a. Salt, chilly, cucumber  seed, shrimp paste or terasi
   b. Salt and sugar
   c. Cucumber seed
   d. Sugar
   e. Shrimp paste or terasi

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